Personal Branding Photography for Coaches, Healers & Creatives

Personal Branding Photography is for the Soloprenuer, because they are the Face of their Brand. Clients want to see you, look into your eyes, this is how you build trust and credibility. Personal Branding Photography will allow you to connect with your audience on a meaningful and memorable level. It will elevate your brand, and help you convey your mission to the world with confidence. I work with clients to create a suite of high quality images that are in tune with their unique brand message.

Included in your Personal Branding Package: $2,400

  • A discovery call to understand your brand essence
  • We will go over locations, wardrobe and props for each story line
  • Studio rental or location permit fee
  • A gorgeous gallery of your images will be delivered in your email box within 2 weeks of the photoshoot
  • Refreshments and protein bites to keep your energy up during the shoot

Galyna Vlasov, Natropath

"The first time I saw my photos created by Christina, I was in awe of how they are filled with love and light! It’s like she could see through my soul and see the authentic side of me and my business!"

Where do I use my personal branding photos?

Professional images elevate your brand across all platforms by communicating a cohesive brand message for your business. My clients have used their personal branding photos for all of their social media profiles and feeds, podcast cover, pr and press opportunities, speaker sheet, book cover and ALL over their websites, of course. There is truly no end on how to use your brand photos!

Need a Website & Copy too?

Bespoke Package

I collaborate with a Website Designer, Video Content, Copy Creator & Success Coach for an Elevated Personal Branding Experience.

• branding photoshoot
• custom website
• branding videos
• website copy

Starting at $4,000

More About Elevate

Hiding behind your logo just won't cut it

In today's virtual world, headshots, stock images or hiding behind your logo just won't cut it when you are creating a presence as a soloprenuer. This is where Personal Branding Photography arrives on the scene. It is a form of intimate story telling that allows your audience and your clients to feel connected to you. Therefore building trust in you and your brand message and thus desiring to work with you.

My Mission

Scroll Stopping Images

My mission is to capture the beauty of my client and the essence of their brand with scroll stopping images that they are oh so proud to post.